So, some of you guys know that I play the guitar. I recently quit my job so that I could play it more, and hopefully I can make a living doing it. Turns out this is alot easier said than done. So, like any good person trying to sell their product (in my case, the guitar) I have turned to promotion. It’s actually the reason I started this blog, though I am sure it will get used for lots of other things.

Anyway, I asked my good friend Shelly Moore to take some pictures of me that I could  use for promotion. She is a mad talented singer/songwriter and photographer. You guys should check her out her MySpace. So she was nice enough to go ahead and send me some sample pictures to post here on the blog. Pretty sweet. Let me know what you think.

And if you need a guitar player or know anyone that does, give me a call!! 704-517-2660


3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. If i were ever in a situation wherein I needed a guitarist for a musical endeavor and I wanted my ears to tickle of excitement and ooze with joy, my good friend Patrick Downing would certainly come to mind. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to be in such a position, being musically exiled and stranded in the musical world of a slacker named Daniel, who cuts off the bottom of his shirts.

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