Silver Friday Night

Hey guys – I wanted to let everyone know that Silver is playing at the Berkeley Cafe on Friday night. This is Silver’s first excursion into the world of musical whoredom more commonly known as a “showcase”. There should be several reps from entertainment agencies and smaller local record labels there. Obviously we need to put on a good show and (….and this is where you come in…) we need a good turnout! So if you guys have time Friday night I would ask that you grab 2, or 47, of your closest friends and come on down to the Berkeley Cafe. I would also ask that, if you are kind enough to come, that you bring your camera! We are looking for all kinds of pictures and videos to put on our up and coming website. So if you take some pictures more than likely they will make it to the site; and that’s awesome. Hope to see you, and your cameras, and 47 other people, there!!


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