Leaving Town

I am leaving town for a few days. Headed  to Camp Oak Hill to play a camp with the Shelly Moore Band. Should be good times. I will be there till tomorrow night. After that I am headed to play a wedding in the outer banks! Now, I have not been to the outer banks in roughly 16 years so this should be fun. It is always so cool out there….like there are real pirates running around somewhere. A whole bunch of my old co-workers (from back when I had a real job) got a house down there and are holed up for the whole week I think. I will go join them. Be back sometime Saturday.

PS – my first real blog post was on September 15. Since then I have almost 900 hits. I mean, I don’t know anything about anything but I feel like that’s pretty good. Thanks to you guys who keep coming back and checking it out. I would appreciate any subscriptions you guys would make or links that you might put on your website. That would be awesome. Other than  that, I will keep you all posted!


2 thoughts on “Leaving Town

  1. Don Juan, sabes todo. Este evaluacion es exactamente perfecto. when i was a young and inexperienced undergrad, Moe’s was all I knew. It was the Wright Brother’s airplane in my knowledge of aviation. But I have since aged and matured, and have learned that there are new heights to explore in faster and technologically-advanced aircraft. Qdoba had its hayday as a private, 15-passenger charter plane. It could carry me to a Spanish-speaking region in relative comfort. But there metal birds that are better still. Chipotle taxi’s down the runway as a American Airlines 747 out of Amarillo, Texas.

    But aren’t we all really looking for the the Howard Hughes “Hurcules” of the burrito world? I don’t think that it’s day has yet come.

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