Last Week

So I spent a lot of last week on the road. The start of the week I was at Camp Oak Hill with the Shelly Moore Band. Ironically, Camp Oak Hill is in Oak Hill, North Carolina; near the VA line. We played for some GREAT folks up there. We are playing for them again at a different camp sometime in October. It should be awesome.

So when you travel alone a lot, as I often do, and you take lots of pictures, as I often do, you have to make sure you make it into some of them or else your mom will see all of those cool pictures that you took of all those cool places and say to you, “well, Patrick, these pictures are great but you are not in any of them so we don’t know that you were actually there” and she will want proof that you actually went to these places and took these pictures yourself and didn’t Google image all of them and save them to your laptop and act like they were yours (longest run-on sentence probably ever). So, you have to find lots of creative ways to get yourself into the pictures. Hence, I take lots of pictures where I hold the camera out in front of me and try to get things in the background. It’s hard to smile and do that so you never really know what kind of face you are going to get. You just gotta go with it…..please see below for some examples….

This is me and Mike in our sweet guesthouse. Not sure what the heck Mike is making that face about….he is probably really stoked about eating the gummy worms that they “provided” for us…I know I was…

Mike plays a really sweet Gibson J-45…honestly….it’s awesome….

Then over the weekend, I made my way to the Outer Banks to play in a wedding. Now, if you have not been to the Outer Banks recently, you really should go. The beaches there are really really cool. It was also  REALLY good to see some of my favorite PwC people. I really do miss them.

Now really…the Outer Banks are beautiful..but check out all the ruble and note the lack of beach.. a huge storm just came though and basically wiped most of the beach where the wedding was going to be….crazy… we were able to find some sand to play on the next day though…

On the way out the next day I stopped by the Wright Brothers Memorial for about an hour….see? I promise I was really there….North Carolina – First in Flight….


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