The Visio Sessions

I spent all day yesterday in the studio. Not much is more fun than to spend all day tinkering with guitar sounds. Over the last year or so, we are Visio Dei have written some songs that we regularly sing so we figured it was time to record them. So that’s what we are doing. I take my camera just about everyone and I am kinda obsessed with it. The result is lots of pictures…


More pedals….this is what the masses refer to as my “little board”

More pedals….you see that little white one second from the right on the top??? It’s the money pedal…

Some of the guitars….that little red one on the left is the greatest thing on the planet….

This a video of me tracking some guitar parts for a song called Follow After You. It’s going to be huge….


4 thoughts on “The Visio Sessions

  1. I also experienced the Visio Sessions. Loved it like Pat did. Hope every one at Visio Dei will love the product that Patrick, Jason Gore, Zack Van Hoy and I are going to give them.

  2. I definately concur with Shannon regarding the guy with the pipes.

    It would be cool to have a collection of songs with different peeps from Visio playing on the album for Visio Dei. Perhaps as time (and money) allows this will become a reality.

  3. and the guitar tracking was money… the time in Marks studio has gone great thus far on all accounts – drums, bass, etc. Surprisingly smooth and well… right.

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