Playing at Summit Church

So, for the last 6 weeks or so me and some other guys from Visio Dei have been playing on Sunday nights at Summit Church out in Durham. They have two services; one at 5:00 and one at 6:30. Honestly, it has been a blast so far. The folks out there are about as nice and as cool as they come.  We have some time in between services to mess around in the “green room”; which is cool guy talk for “backstage waiting room”. It is awesome cause there is free mountain dew (courtesy of JD Greear himself…he just doesn’t know it). Pretty sweet. I don’t have many pictures cause I can’t like…take my camera on stage or anything. Oh well…

Zack is definitely WAY bigger than Jason is…

Jason has jokes….lots of them…this video is a follow up…Zack got Jason way better than this about 3 minutes before…I just didn’t have the camera rolling!!


3 thoughts on “Playing at Summit Church

  1. Just for the record, Zack had hit me first. This was only mild retaliation. I have since apologized.

    Pat thanks for dominating all of us in basketball last night.

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