So, right about the time that I left my job I decided to go spend lots of money going to Peru; a very wise monetary decision. Nevertheless, this trip was amazing. This was only the second time that I have left the You Ess of Ay. I went to Costa Rica in high school which was pretty awesome, but did not hold a candle to this trip to Peru.

Me and my uncle Carl left in late August for Lima, Peru. Spent two days there. Flew to Cuzco. Spent a long time there. Left for the Salkantay Trail and did that for like 6 days. Ended the trail at Macchu Picchu Back to Cuzco for a bit. Train ride to Puno which is on Lake Titicaca. Private boat ride on the lake. Bus ride to Juliaca. Bus to Arequipa. Flight back to Lima. It was an awesome trip.

This is the scene from the window for our hostal in Cuzco…

Cool shot from of the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco…honestly…you could spend a month here and never get tired of it…

After a 5 day trek…I made it to Macchu Picchu…pretty awesome…

More Macchu Picchu… guys have NO idea how cool it is to be there…let me know if you want to go..i will go back…


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