Welcome to My Domain(s)

So here is the deal. When I first started doing all this Internet stuff I had wanted to get an official website for myself at jpatrickdowning.com. But, here is the problem: websites suck. They are slow and they are not very interactive. I can’t post all kinds of amazingly interesting stuff all the time and you guys can’t make amazingly interesting comments on my amazingly interesting posts…all the time (what?). I can’t have my Twitter updates and Flickr updates pulled in as they happen. So really, the best thing on the Internet in terms of being interactive is a blog!!

Now they (who is they anyway??) tell me that a musician has to have all kinds of Internet marketing stuff going in order to promote so I am working on that. I am having someone do a MySpace page for me. I am working on making a Facebook music page which should be cool. But in terms of a main website, this blog is going to be it. However, note that I had the domain names that I bought forward to this website. “But Patrick, I don’t understand this crazy Internet jive that you speak? What is all this “forwarding of domain names”?”

Simply put, if you go:



…you will end up here at this blog. So now I can tell people to check out my website and feel all professional, but really I am just sending them to my blog!! (haha…suckers…)

…Just thought I would keep you guys posted. Be on the looking out for the MySpace and Facebook stuff. It is in the works.


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