Ernie Ball VP Jr.

OK – so I generally try not to bore you guys with technical guitar stuff, but the last 4 hours could not go unmentioned (and it’s not really technical).

To begin, the Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Junior is the industry standard volume pedal. It looks looks like this.

It’s pretty simple. You rock it back and forth and it controls the volume of your electric guitar. Well a few days ago mine broke. Now I have three of them so its OK. But still, these suckers cost like $100 bucks so I wanted to get it fixed. So I go to Harry’s Guitar Shop yesterday to talk to my man Terry. He tells me that I need this little kit to fix it. Not much to it. So I buy this little spring and some string for $1.58 and I am thinking that this is going to be cake.

So some of you know that, no matter how late I am up, I wake way too freakin early. Well I got up this morning at about 5:00 AM. It will be dark for another two hours so I figured  what the heck, I will go ahead and fix my volume pedal.

To make an already getting long story shorter, this was one of the more frustrating things I have ever done. It is now almost 10:00 AM and I just finished fixing this thing. The mechanisms inside are simple enough: some string, a post that the string goes around and a spring to pull the two ends together. But you can’t get at any of it! Why not?? BECAUSE ITS INSIDE THE FREAKING PEDAL.

Look at these pictures. The string has to be wound perfectly. It can’t cross itself. It can’t get tangled AT ALL. Unreal.

The string has to go through this little latch at the top/front of the moving part of the pedal, under a pulley, wrap around that post and then attach to the spring that is attached to the other string that hooked onto the back pulley system that also has to be wrapped perfectly straight. I had to make a little gripper thingy out of a paper clip to grab the spring and pull it towards me while using a pair of tweezers to hold the other end of the string in place so that the string wouldn’t get tangled and I had to start ALL the way over. Yeah. See? I am not even sure what I just wrote. I have no idea  why the heck this is so hard. But I finally got it.

Here is a view from the back. Note how BEAUTIFULLY wrapped all the string is???

Frustrating? yes. Time consuming? yes. infuriating? yes. But hot dang. It saved me like one hundred bucks. So I guess it was worth it.


3 thoughts on “Ernie Ball VP Jr.

  1. OH my gosh – that is hilarious!! I’m still laughing – also, just read your rant about Moe’s vs. Chipotle – I agree entirely with your analysis.

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