The Great Gear Giveaway

Ok so in this little alcove (yes, alcove) of my apartment, there is currently sitting a fair amount of gear. Like 10 guitars. About $7,000 of pedals. Some killer amps. Lots of other stuff…..check it out….

You can have it. The first person to come claim it, gets it all. All. You could put it all on ebay. You could pawn it. You could keep it for yourself (and then ROCK!!!) You could give it all away as Christmas presents. Whatever. The only catch is you have to be here within 10 min of me making this post. Thats the deal. So it’s 9:28. Any takers??

UPDATE!!!!!! – It is now 9:38 and now one has shown up at my apartment yet. Looks like I will be keeping this gear for later use…your loss folks…your loss


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