Pics from the Road…

So most of this week I have been out with the Shelly Moore Band. It was good times as always. Here are some pictures.

Mike is sneaky with the camera….

Shelly giving me the “Patwhattheheckareyoudoingstoptakingstupidpicturesfromthebackseat” face…

Mike changing a string on his sweet J-45. It should be noted that it was his D-string that broke. Why is this noteworthy? I am glad you asked…. You see, there are  6 strings on a guitar. If you are going to have a problem with one; if one is going to break or constantly go out of tune; odds are it’s going to be the G string. Guitar players worldwide LOATH the G string. Alas, it is noteworthy that the problem Mike had was, in fact, NOT with the G string; but rather, the D string. As can be easily seen, IT WAS PURE MADNESS….

This is actually the ONLY video I took the whole time. This is really unlike me. Usually I film stuff constantly. And this one is not even that exciting. We are cruising somewhere in Arizona or Colorado or something…. not sure where we were at this point….whatever…”ask me no questions…”


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