Atlanta part duex

So I got back last night from Atlanta. I went down there with some friends of mine just to hang out. No music was played (which is a real shame). We got down there late afternoon on Monday. Hung out at the hotel for a few min. Went to dinner at basically the coolest Irish place I have ever been too called Fado. Then we got a 1 min/14 dollar cab ride to a place called Dante’s. This place was awesome. The owner, Dante, has built a stinkin’ pirate ship inside the restaurant. Being a former pirate, this made me feel right at home. That was about it. Quick trip but it was lots of fun….

Jason rode in the back on way down….

Since we are super-trendy we stopped at a Starbucks in Roswell a little bit outside of Atlanta. It was incredible. There was at least $4,000,000 worth of cars in the tiny parking lot of this Starbucks. Some people have lots of money. I don’t have very much…

This is a video of the activities that occurred on the drive down. I reiterate, we were not going to Atlanta to work…lest there be any confusion….no work…


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