Burrito Follow-Up

Ok look – over the last three weeks I have received some pretty intense emails and comments from people regarding my post about Chipotle being the best burrito in town. If you will recall, Chipotle, Moes and Qdoba went head to head (to head) and Chipotle won hands down. However, some of you guys disagree.

Since I made that post I have gotten phone calls, text messages, telegrams, UPS deliveries, messages in morse code, emails, myspace messages and facebook messages all with varying degrees of delight or disgust that Chipotle kicked so much butt.

Now, as stated in the original post, I am clearly an expert on the topic. However, I know that there are good number of you guys who have vast burrito experience as well. I want you to know that here at jpatrickdowning.com, we value your opinion. Alas, please see the poll below and cast your vote. Your opinion is much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Burrito Follow-Up

  1. I also heard on MSN.com that Chipotle was rated one of the healthest fast food chains. Then I heard ppl commenting that it’s only true if you don’t get all the accoutrements, like sour cream, etc.
    All well….on another note I’ve never been to either Chipotle or Quoda so I can’t cast my vote.

  2. there clearly must be cheating going on. no one in their right mind could honestly say that chipotle’s burrito has more or better taste that q’doba. and the 10% or so who voted for moe’s could in no way be actual humans.

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