If you are from CCS then you will get why the title of this thread is funny. (BASEBALL!!! SID BREAM!!) If you are not from CCS, then please just go about your business…

So on Thursday of last week I went to Lynchburg VA to play at Liberty University. My friend Daniel Renstrom, who everyone should listen to, was asked  to play at their homecoming event. So, alas, thus, ergo, I was privileged to get to go along and play. Highlight of the trip was definitely hitting the IHOP in Lynchburg at about midnight when we rolled into town. You gotta love  a Belgian Waffle and some chocolate milk. Other than that, we hung out at the hotel, got the “Daniel Renstrom this-is-where-i-used-to-do-stuff-tour, and we rocked homecoming. See below for pics….

Mike played some SWEET Risin drums there. The guy from NeedtoBreathe plays these things. And I tell you, they rock…

James has lots of pedals…………..and a pretty killer ‘fro…

This is the view from backstage a few min before we went on. As you can see,  there was roughly 44,000 people there. Pretty awesome…

Now if you come here a lot you know that I love posting the videos. This is the only one I took on the trip. I really have got to get better about it.


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