North Carolina State Fair

Now, if you know me at all, then you know I live for the Fall for a few reasons. It gets cold, which I love. The leaves change, which I love. You get to start wearing jackets and hoodies, which I love and the best reason of all; you get to go to the state fair.

For those of you who don’t love the state fair, what the heck is your problem? What is not to love. People come out of the woodwork to go to this thing. The fair is a reminder that people really do come in all shapes and sizes. It’s great.

And the food. You really can’t beat it. Funnel Cake. Root beer float. Candy Apple. Deep Fried Oreos. Country ham biscuits. Turkeys legs?!!?!?! It goes on and on…

And the rides. The rides are awesome. I have ridden the zipper every year for the last 6 years. How can you not love it? People screaming. Kids throwing up. Wondering whether or not the ride will fall apart sending you to your certain death. Its great.

The huge cows. The little cows. The huge pumpkins and gord thingys. The village of yesteryear. The worlds smallest woman. Fireworks from 9:45-10:00. All great things.

Anyway, I look forward to the fair every year. I went Saturday night with Ben, Am, Wickham, Leslie, Jason and Diana and Brandon and Julie. Good times…

This was the view from the ticket gate. Just look at how much fun awaits!!

This is one of the main stretches. The lights….

Me and Am rode the zipper. Stood in line for a good 35 min. This ride is the best one in the park though…well worth the wait…

Wickham LOVED the fireworks. We were a little worried that they would be too loud for him. But he ate it up….


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