So, I am not sure if you guys are aware of this or not; I know I wasn’t. I actually think that my friend Ben just made it up. But, apparently, the 11th month of the year is not November. Apparently, its actually called Noshavember and apparently, it is called this because all males are not supposed to shave for the entire month.

Now, as you guys know. I have a beard. It is not a big beard. Its actually a pretty little beard. I keep it pretty trim and short. However, what you guys don’t know is that if I were to shave it clean, I could grow it back out to where I normally keep it in roughly a day and a half. That is to say, the hair on my face grows fast. This is good given the complete lack of hair growth on other parts of my head. The result of the rapid facial hair growth is as yet unseen. I have never let it go for a month. Lord knows what mayhem may ensue were this to take place. But, given the enormous amounts of email I have received over the last 4 days….

I have decided to participate. For the next month, I will not shave. No razor shall touch my face. It will be hard. It will be intense. It maybe scary. If you see me in a dark ally late at night you will be scared. But, nonetheless, I am going to do it.

This is where I stand now. I shaved about two hours ago….


Hide the women and children. It is going to get nuts out there. I will keep you all posted….


3 thoughts on “Noshavember

  1. Patricio. My dear friend. I beg you only one little itsy bitsy thing….can you please shave the hairs that grow on the neck and those ones that grow waaaayyy up on the cheeks?? I am all for you growing your beard. Seriously, go for it. But while you are single and trying to attract the women, for the sake of all who might see you, please shave the neck and upper cheeks??


    Also- this photo was taken after you have not shaved in 3 days. not 2 hrs…hahaha

  2. this is glorious.

    but please to note. you have been beat in all other 9 or 10 months. yes it is true. whilst you boyz grow your gay little beards in one or maybe even two months…this one has last for years and years…

    and for that


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