What to post??

Ok so here is the thing. I did not post on this blog yesterday? “But Pat, why not?” Well you see, there are a few reasons. 1) I did not have tons of time and 2) I really did not have anything to talk about. “But Pat, with the elections going on how in the flying flip can you have nothing to talk about?!?!?!?!??!??” Well, I made a decision not to post anything about the elections because there is clearly enough discussion going on already. Plus, you guys don’t come here for brilliant political analysis. You can get that elsewhere. And you should. No, my market research shows you come here for two main reasons: 1) Entertainment and 2) insight into my ever-interesting life.

All of that is beside the point. Yesterday I really had nothing going. I feel bad about it. Like  I let you guys down. So, I apologize. Here is the bad thing. I dont really have anything today either. So I started brainstorming:

– post about the election – clearly this is out

– post about the wonder that is El Rodeo

– post about the wonder that is Jason Gore

– post about the wonder that is Denali

– post about how a producer in Nashville just told me that I need to be able to sight read traditional music….wtf?

-post about how no one uses tradition bass/treble clef music anymore and tab is all that matters and why producers who tell you to learn it are dumb

– post about some really technical guitar stuff that only a few people will get and most people will ignore

– post some pictures from my recent trip to Oregon (what?)

All of these seemed like good options at the time. But, as I started writing this post. Something brilliant came to me. “But Pat, what came to you?” I think you will have to wait and see. I will post about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday so it is already a good day. This post should add some entertainment and/or controversy to the last day of the work week. So check back tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “What to post??

  1. Patricio, I appreciate the lack of politicalness. You are correct, I come here for mindless banter. I appreciate mindless banter. Half of my conversations with you, the revolution, Gore, and Pritchett are in fact….you guessed it….mindless banter. Perhaps that is why I am 28 and still watch the Simpsons and Family Guy and honestly don’t see an end to that in sight.

  2. I think you should be reflecting upon why you are NOT coming to Denver for Thxgvg. You should then be pondering HOW to get here and then, THE good times you’ll have when you arrive.

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