Noshavember Update!!!

Ok guys. Things are just as I feared they would be. Yesterday I was walking down the street in front of the Raleigh Times and a woman was nearly killed as she leaped from the sidewalk into the street at the mere sight of my face. A few blocks later, down near the bus station, a little old grandmother cradled her 7 year old granddaughter in her arms as I casually strolled passed. The little girl wept.

The hair on my face is pure chaos. I have not shaved in 17 days. It is starting to affect my mindset. My mentality. My whole way of life. I am not sure I can keep it up. Not sure what I am talking about? Lets take a look….

At this post, I showed you what my beard looked like after 3 days of Noshavember. Note the general look of contentment on my face. Now look at the picture posted below. It might be hard to believe but I am making the EXACT same face as I was in the fist Noshavember post. Look how the beard immediately transforms me into a homicidal lunatic. Though I am making the exact same face, it looks like I am ten times angrier. We have about two weeks to go. Check back often for updated pictures. Or just check the evening news and see if anyone has seen  me terrorizing the streets of our state’s capital.



4 thoughts on “Noshavember Update!!!

  1. I saw this picture and immediately wept and soiled myself.

    Second, Revolu, why the hell are you going to that Food Lion? Didn’t you wonder why each shopping cart also has a gun holster?

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