I am leaving today to drive to Charlotte. Charlotte is my hometown and I love it. Let’s look at some fun facts:

– Charlotte is the 19th largest City in the US

– Charlotte is called the Queen City because it was named for the English Princes Charlotte of Mecklenburg

– On a clear day you can see Charlotte from Grandfather Mountain….its true….i have seen it

– During the Revolutionary War, the Charloteens fought so hard against General Cornwallis that he nicknamed the town a “hornets nest”. This is why we once had a basketball team called the Charlotte Hornets

– The Charlotte metro area has a population of more than 1.6 million people

– The Panthers are there. I mean….what is not to love…Steve Smith…forget about it…

– Over 80,000 trees were destroyed in Charlotte in 1989 when the city took a direct hit from Hurricane Hugo. This is why the mascot for the Charlotte Hornets was, appropriately, a Hornet named Hugo

Anyway, I love Charlotte and am proud to be from there. I am headed there for thankgiving and will keep you guys posted from there.


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