Noshavember….The End

Well, the end is finally here. It is the end of Noshavember. No razor has touched my head in over a month now. The level of intensity was higher than I could have  ever imagined. More crying women and children that I would have ever thought. More hair than I ever would have thought. (If you know me then you know that hair anywhere on my head is astonishing enough). Let’s take a look at the madness…


How about a side view…note the copious amounts of hair on my neck….and how it seems to be connecting to the hair on the back of my head….wow


Sadly, I must tell you that immediately after taking this picture I went and trimmed the beard. Several things happened when I did. 1) An immediate loss of an enormous amount of strength (this may be due to the Nazarite vow which I have now violated) 2) I lost about 17 pounds and 3) some things that I have not been able to find showed up. Things like…

….that Livestrong bracelet I lost….


That Takamine guitar that went missing about a week ago….


…who knew the beard would swallow up so many things. Life can now return to normal….carry on…


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