Silver +/-


So…Silver has a new record coming out in a few months. The record should be done by late February or early March. We did the record at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill and we are super stoked about it. It is a collection of songs that we wrote largely in the last 4 months. On top of that, the record is a little bit of a concept record. The album is titled +/- or “plus minus”. The songs follow this idea. The first several songs on the record are more positive and the last few songs are more negative. That includes songs that are socially positive and negative and personally negative and positive. On top of that, the actual sound of the songs falls in line. The first several songs are lighter and more “major keyed” while the final several songs are darker and more “minor keyed”.

Anyway, like I said. We in Silver are super excited about the record. CD release  shows are planned for Charlotte and Raleigh probably in early March. Please check back often and I will keep you guys as updated as I can on what is going on. Also, please check out Silver’s website at

Thanks guys.


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