nashville-skyline-at-nightSo here is the thing. (Its not really a thing….it might be kind of a thing) I am going to Nashville this weekend to play some tunes. Me, Mike, Shelly, Brent and Tom are headed there because the Shelly Moore Band has a some stuff going on there…gooooood times.

There are more links in that paragraph than I have put in all my other blog posts combined. I am so proud.

Nashville is an awesome town and I am looking forward to going back. What you guys should do is check back often because over the right hard side of this page I post pictures…..constantly.  And I twitter what I am doing…constantly.

Now I realize that, to some of you, this could very well be of absolutely no interest whatsoever. To you I would say just give it a shot. See if you don’t get interested. If you do care, come back and check it out.


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