Nashville Pictures….

OK – I have to be honest. I did not take a single cool picture in Nashville. The best ones I took were on my phone and are already over on the Flickr feed to the right of this post.

I am so lame…

But Nashville rocked. It was  LOADS of fun. The reason I did not take a good number of pictures though is because the whole thing was nuts. We hardly slept at all. Listened to TONS of bands. Some good. Some not. We listened to some really cool people talk and sat through some really cool classes. However, you can imagine that pictures from  classes are really not that cool.

We also ate at a cracker barrel at about 11PM one night. That was awesome…

This is brent in the hotel room….


And this is Tom Jackson teaching a class. If you don’t know who this guy is, dont sweat it….


Anyway – sorry I was a total slacker with the pictures. But the trip was awesome.


2 thoughts on “Nashville Pictures….

  1. I was in Nashville last week for work. I stayed downtown, and managed to mosey on down Broadway and check some of the places out. I ended up at Robert’s Country and Western Bar. Did you go there? I listened to one of the most talented soloist i have ever heard. Also, the bassist was in Johnny Cash’s band as the Tennessee Three. I loved Nashville and can’t wait to go back.

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