Old Records…..

So, in an attempt to save money, I have been spending more time just hanging out at my apartment. Fact is, when I leave my apartment, I spent money. I go to Wendy’s and tell myself,  “hey man, that crispy chicken sandwich is only .99…just get one”…or, “hmmm…lets see….its tuesday…that means its .99 hotdog day at snoopy’s…..I’ll have 4″…..no one wins here……

But, in the extra time that I have been hanging around the apartment, I have broken out some of my old records, and let me tell ya something, the vast majority of them are different than I remember. It’s not that I don’t remember the songs, I just dont remember how the records sound sonically. Like, some of them are really thin sounding. Some of them are thicker than I remember. Either way, in some cases its a good thing. In others, its not….so lets take a look….

– Pearl Jam – “Vs.” – this record gets better and better with age. It is no doubt in my top 5 records ever. I love every single second of sound on this album. It was thier second studio record and it is 100% pure rock and roll….”drop the leash!!! drop the leash!!! ohhhhh!!”

– U2 – “Achtung Baby” – Another winner. The low end on this record is just solid. So many songs on the radio today have this massive low end that kinda gets muddy and fuzzes out in my car speakers. But all the bass licks on this record have real nice clarity and keep the low end there. Its nice. A three piece band needs that. Also, Bono’s melodies….forget about it….

– Dave Matthews Band – “Under the Table and Dreaming” – Honestly, I learned to play guitar to this album. I sat down with it about a week ago and I can still play every song on there. The songs are good and creative. But man…the mix SUCKS….guitars are tiny…..drums are tiny….bass is tiny…..i just dont dig it all….i remember it being SO FULL and all over the place with all these horns and strings….is REALLY thin…totally different than I remember.

– Counting Crows – “August and Everything After” – Again…..easily in my top 5 albums ever. Life alteringly good. Like the pearl jam record…i love every single second of this  album.

– Everclear – “So Much for the Afterglow” – I had not heard this album in probably 4 years. It is AWESOME. There were at least 5 hit singles off it. Good mixes too. Good production because you know that cat can sing a lick. But the record is SOOOO repetative. Every song has the same basic groove (dum dum dum da-da dum dum……dum dum dum da-da dum dum…..i know you know what im talking about)

311 – “Transistor” – Meh……..how many times can we mix and rock, reggae and rap….it was creative but….meh…..

REM – “Automatic for the People” – forget about it. This record is awesome. My aunt gave it to me on casset when I was like 9 and I listened to it for about 2 years straight. But again, the mixes are SOOO TINY!! Still…good songs….

OK – I could go on and on…but….those are just a few that I listened to recenly. You guys got any old records that I should go back and listen to?? Thoughts??


8 thoughts on “Old Records…..

  1. Um, I think you need to give Cole credit for reminding you to listen to Everclear…just saying, credit where credit’s due, even if it’s the world’s craziest/most awesome bartender.

  2. OK fine – It was totally Cole’s idea to listen to Everclear again….I cannot debate this….

    and Shannon – yes if you want to be hip…you have to call any album made as a record…whether its a CD, a tape or actual vinyl ….they are all records….

  3. dude… Pearl Jam – Vs… Counting Crows… U2… Early Dave… Can I please go back to high school?!?!?!?

    SO GOOD!!!! thanks for bringing back the memories… I will now be up all night listening!

  4. so i just found your blog…haha…your first paragraph, I totally agree with…and also..PearlJamVs. was one of my favorites, and I learned guitar to Dave also..

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