I want to draw everyone ones attention to one of the most important part of my recent trip to Puerto Rico.

I recently posted about vegetables. Which I do, in fact, love. However. At heart, I am a true carnivore. There is no animal that I wont eat (I think. If you think of one that I probably wont, let me know.)

Anyway, back to the point of this post. We learned on day 1 of our trip that one of the most readily available foods in Puerto Rico is something they call a pincho. They have loads and loads of  these little roadside restaurants. I use  the word restaurant loosly here because they are really just trucks or vans that you walk up to and buy food. It is a little sketchy at first but you can’ let that get to ya.

So what is a pincho.

This is a pincho.


That’s right. It’s meat on a stick. Chicken. Cow. Shark. Pig. Squid. Whatever. Meat on a stick. Seriously. It’s hard to beat.

And they are only like two bucks a pop. We ate lots of them on the trip.


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