Back to Hebrews

Ok – so Jesus is our Apostle AND High Priest.

We looked really quickly at what an apostle and high priest are yesterday. To summarize, an apostle takes a message somewhere. In the Old Testement, the High Priest was the chief representative of the people TO God.

So what does this mean about Jesus??

Jesus, as THE apostle, brings us God’s word. He brought it to earth for us to see and hear and watch and follow. He taught it to us with his words and with his life.  As out HIGH PRIEST, Jesus is our chief representative before God (!!).  All of our communication and with God is made possible by and goes through Jesus.

So, Jesus’ ministry is two-directional right?

Apostle = God to man

High Priest = Man back to God

Very cool.


One thought on “Back to Hebrews

  1. very cool indeed. thank you mr. downing for this theological insight and truth. I pose a question for us all… how will this impact our view and relationship with Christ? I say greatly and is most beneficial. 😉

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