Patrick and Jess’s Day O’ Fun

So I am sure that some of you guys saw the post that Jess made on her blog. But, I feel like I should make one myself. On 9.27 Jess and I went to DC for the day. It is a quick flight so, no worries there. I feel like I should go on in some detail about the trip….HOWEVER…There is no chance that I could make one as interesting or as detailed as she did….SO…..I am just going to post her’s below…its a cop-out, I know. But, her’s was so good!!! Note that all “I”‘s in the post below refer to Jessica. Not me.

Por mi parte, the trip was awesome. It was fun to plan. Fun to actually take. And fun to keep a secret from Jess. Also, as you will read below, the Braves won in extra innings, so I was one happy camper.


back in july i went to annapolis, maryland with diana and jason to watch the twins. diana was in a wedding. so i tagged along to hang out with the babies. they were still a little young to be out partying all night (now they’re party animals – just kidding). anyway, when i was in annapolis, patrick, brent, and john (also known as silver), had a show in d.c. at iota. i thought i would have time to go to the show, but things didn’t work out. not a big deal at all. long story short, i had never been to d.c. and made it known to pat that weekend that i really wanted to go. we drove through d.c. on the way home from annapolis and i caught a glimpse of the washington monument. i wanted to stop right there and go. that didn’t happen either. again, not a big deal. once we got home, i didn’t really talk about it that much. but it was still in the back of my mind.

(my timeline may be off…don’t hold it against me). a few months later, i was over at pat’s and he asked me if i would be ok with flying somewhere with him. back then, i had only been on a plane twice – once to minnesota. and then the return flight home to raleigh. i told him i would be ok with that, but i might be a little nervous. well he ran with that. later that month i was over at his place and he told me he purchased tickets. and then the next time i was there he told me he made another purchase. he’s good at keeping secrets. and i’m good at playing along.

he marked the calendar and told me to keep my schedule clear for september 27th. i did my best, but one day while at work, i was told a recruit would be in town that weekend. coming into town on friday and leaving on sunday. i texted pat immediately and told him the news. he said the trip could be rescheduled, but i refused. i went in and talked to the coach’s and again, cleared my schedule. i was going to be working non-stop that weekend. and i’d be free all day sunday. i wouldn’t settle for anything less. well, things worked out for the best. the recruit decided not to come because of the threat of swine flu. and i spent the weekend preparing myself for the “day o’ fun.”

saturday night was a busy night. i tried to get in bed early, but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. the important thing – i was in bed before pat (i only know this because he texted me people – he was working). i was up at 6am on sunday. ready to go. well, sort of. he got to my house at 6:35 and i wasn’t ready. i threw on clothes, grabbed my stuff, and got out of the house in 2 minutes. because we had a plane to catch. we got to the airport pretty fast. i was dazed walking into the airport. i’m not much of a morning person. he checked us in because he didn’t want me to discover where we were headed until the last possible minute. so, we went through security and all of that before he handed over the tickets. with a smile he said “you can look now.” when i pulled the ticket out i got a huge smile on my face too – we were d.c. bound!

we hung out in the airport for a little bit. and took some pictures. i think this is also when he gave me the rundown of the day. either that, or he told me what we were doing on the plane. our flight took off at 8:09 from rdu. and we were headed to d.c. i was so giddy and excited. and kind of nervous about getting off the ground. it was really cloudy/rainy that morning, so we couldn’t see anything from the air. just clouds. it was a beautiful morning in the sky though. watching the sunrise was awesome. pat slept for the most part.

we landed in d.c. and headed straight for the metro. i have to say, we were pretty bad at working the metro. by the end of the day, we were both frustrated. anyway, we hit the metro and headed for the national mall right away. here we are on the metro – blue line.

Pat & Jess on the metroPat & Jess on the metro

like i said, this metro ride took us to the national mall. it was pretty nasty weather early on. windy, cool, and cloudy. there were a lot of puddles on the ground too. so pat and i both pulled a huck fin and rolled our jeans. we had the clothes on our backs. nothing else. so we didn’t want to be soaked for the entire day.

moving on from our clothing choices, we visited the washington monument first. (well actually, we went to the bathroom first. that was priority). we took a lot of pictures here. visited wikipedia for some facts on the monument. the first tour wasn’t until 11am – we didn’t have time to wait around, so pat was the tour guide. he did a fantastic job.

here’s a picture of us at the washington monument. thanks to some other tourists who took this. we were struggling to take the picture ourselves.

us and the washington monumentus and the washington monument

after visiting the washington monument, we walked down the mall to the wwii memorial. this is a relatively new memorial. president bush gets credit for this memorial. each state is represented in a semi-circle. there are fountains and “wishing well” type water features. it was beautiful and humbling. we also visited wikipedia when we were walking through the memorial. there is a wall with stars at the back of the memorial – in the middle of the 50 states. the stars represent those people who died serving the united states in the war (we used wiki for this part).

continuing our tour, we went from here to the lincoln memorial. anyone that has done this walk knows it’s pretty long. the side by the reflecting pool was so muddy and wet, so we walked along the edge of the pool. there was so much goose poop. i was jumping and dodging just about every step. i thought i was going to fall in. let me remind you, we only had the clothes on our backs. soaking and stinking wet clothes would’ve made for a long day. or we would’ve been visiting a different mall.

another lovely couple took our picture in front of the reflecting pool. i think the picture is great. as we made our way down to the lincoln memorial, the weather started to break. you can see that in the picture. blue sky was coming. (check out our wardrobe choices – awesome)


here are some pictures of our trek down to the lincoln memorial. i’m a fan of these. and the photographer.

looking at lincolnlooking at lincoln


walking to lincolnwalking to lincoln

once we saw lincoln, we hiked over to the vietnam memorial. we also made a quick stop at the white house (see below). then we revisited our map and decided to head to the archives building (home of the declaration of independence, magna carta, etc.). let me tell you, this walk took longer than it needed to. someone didn’t know how to read the map. we did stop and get some candy on the way. that was a plus. when we landed in d.c. we ate a cereal bar and pat got some m&m’s while i ate some sour skittles. we didn’t want to waste time eating. there was too much to do and see. we eventually got to the archives building…after walking around in a few circles. it was worth it. seeing documents that are that old is amazing. it makes you totally rethink history. and helps you understand the basis of our rights as a country. d.c. is an awesome place!

at the white houseat the white house

that's us and the capital buildingthat’s us and the capital building

around 1, we started our hike back to the metro station. we had big plans. pat bought tickets to the nationals/braves game! he told me earlier that morning that we didn’t have to stay the whole time and that we didn’t even have to go to the game if i didn’t want to. who was he kidding?! baseball is one of my favorite things in life. we were going to the game. we hopped on the metro (which was much needed – we had been standing and walking for a good while) and headed to the ballpark. as soon as we got off and rode up the escalator, there it was – nationals stadium. the sun had come out. there was a breeze. a few clouds. it was perfect baseball weather.

what we saw when we got off the metrowhat we saw when we got off the metro

so ready for baseballso ready for baseball

pat's ready for baseball too - peacepat’s ready for baseball too – peace

the first order of business when we got to the baseball stadium was food. remember, we hadn’t really eaten much. we got fries, chili dogs, and beers for $20 bucks. we cut a deal. think about it – major league park. all that food for $20 bucks. yeah, doesn’t add up. we hit the jackpot. we got to our seats, with our food, in time to see the first pitch. our seats were right along the third baseline. they were amazing. it was a great game. we got rained on a little bit. but we were prepared. we both had rain jackets and our umbrellas. as everybody else was retreating, we settled in. the braves beat the nationals in extra innings. that made for an even happier patrick.

our seatsour seats

3rd baseline seats ( :3rd baseline ( :

after the game, we headed to the metro yet again, with what seemed like a million people at the time. like i said before, we were pretty bad at the metro. we ended up sitting by the wrong train for a good 15 minutes. once we figured out where we were going, we got on the met and headed toward georgetown. pat had scheduled a reservation for dinner at an italian place. but even with the help of google maps, we couldn’t find it. we settled for an italian cafe. he had tortellini and i had fettuccine. amazingly good food. we were so full after dinner. we walked down to the water after dinner. sadly, we didn’t have a lot of time to hangout in georgetown. i would’ve loved to shop. there were so many stores. i didn’t say a word though. we walked and let our food settle before we trekked back to the metro station. probably around 7:30. our flight was supposed to leave d.c. at 8:55. the ride didn’t take long back to the airport. so we had some time to kill. well, some time to rest. it was much needed. our flight was delayed because we had to ride buses out to the plane. it wasn’t bad. pretty interesting experience. it delayed us by about 10 minutes. maybe more.

once we took off, i could see everything. lights. and more lights. everywhere. it was a big difference from the flight into d.c. the sky was so clear. the lights and the city looked amazing. we saw all of the monuments and memorials that we had visited earlier in the day. saw parts of georgetown. and then i was out. we both knocked out on the plane on the way back to raleigh. it had been a long and busy day. but such an awesome day none-the-less. our flight home was 50 minutes. we were on the ground before we knew it.


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