So What’s Been Up??

Once again, I am that guy. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the absurd lack of bloggage lately. It is in this spirit of reconciliation that I offer this humble update…

This weekend I played bass with Josh Via. SUPER COOL. Honestly, this guy is amazingly talented and he is great musical worship leader. If you are reading this and you have not checked out his music do yourself a favor and do it now. We played down in Myrtle Beach with Andy Cherry on guitar, Jordan Leino and drums, Scott Spruill on Keys and Josh’s wife Tasha on violin. Pretty cool stuff. I really hope to work with that crew a lot more in the future.

Here is Josh on stage doing a little sangin’. The kid has pipes….

Summer is here and it is about to get really busy. I am fortunate to have quite a few gigs this summer. And I am also fortunate to get to play in some really cool places. We will be hitting Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas….that might be it…I am honestly not sure…but I really miss the fellowship of being on the road. You live in constant community and, with the guys who I am lucky enough to travel with, we are constantly engaged in conversations that are really 1) educational and 2) challenging. So I am looking forward to that.

I am not amazingly excited about being gone all the time though. Its hard to hang out with Jessica like that. But she is in summer school and is SUPER busy all the time anyway. So, it should go quickly….

Silver is planing a 3 song EP sometime in the next few months. Should be awesome. I am REALLY stoked about a few of the songs we have been kicking around recently. So look out for that. I will try to keep everyone posted. In case you missed it, Beautiful Things was on the Deep 5 compilation put out by Deep South Records. So that was cool…

Reading – I do tons of reading. Here is a sample of some things I have been into over the last couple months….I am going to leave out any fiction that I have read since…well…you gotta draw the line somewhere…

Christ Centered Worship – Bryan Chapell – absolutely awesome book in terms of thinking about liturgy and how we do church. “Why exactly do we announcements then??”

Crazy Love – Frances Chan – a lot of you guys reading blog will have read this book. As well you should have. It’s pretty awesome.

The Forgotten God – Frances Chan – a lot of you guys reading this blog will have not read this book. And that’s a shame. It’s a really good study on God the Holy Spirit and our dependence (or lack thereof) on Him.

Common Sense – Thomas Paine. Interesting book in terms of early American political theory. Also interesting to read probably the single most influential writing on why America should be free from England. This book changed everything for the first Americans.

The Penguin History of Latin America – Edmund Williamson. If it’s true that the devil is in the details then this is the most evil book I have ever read!! I am pretty fascinated with the continent to our immediate south. Something about my grandfather being from Quito probably drives that. But this book was pretty detailed and pretty good. Not for the faint of heart.

The Venezuelan Revolution: 100 Questions and 100 Answers – Chesa Boudin, Gabriel Gonzalez and Wilmer Rubos. Very interesting. I actually wanted to read something about the revolution that was from the perspective of supporters of it. That’s exactly what this is. The authors are college professors in Caracas and one of them actually works for the revolution now. It was amazingly biased but, informative nonetheless.

CURRENT READINGS: I am currently working on a few things.

The Kingdom of the Sun: a Brief History of Peru – Luis Martin – I love this stuff….I couldnt find a picture of the book so…here is a picture of Macchu Picchu

The Discovery – Josh Via – thats right. The aforementioned worship leader actually wrote this one. Pretty cool..

Untamed – Alan Hirsch – interesting to say the least. The guy has some great points. I think he is swinging the pendulum a little too far in one direction but, man, he really makes you think. And that’s awesome.

Anyway, those are some of the books I have read/am reading. Hope you guys enjoy….


2 thoughts on “So What’s Been Up??

  1. Wow, who would’ve guessed you turned into such a great intellectual! Love to hear of your passion for worship. Keep up the good work, hopefully I can catch a show soon!

  2. Hey, check your FB messages. Had a question about Raleigh for you.

    Oh, and I agree with the above commenter. Who knew you were such a smartie? 🙂

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