Summer Travels

I figured I should do a bit of explanation as to why I have been out of town for the last two months. Summer travel got a little crazy for me.

I started things off this summer with Josh Via and crew. I already filled everyone in about that in my last post (which was two months ago….eeesh).

After that I hit the road with Chad Lister. We flew into St. Louis and drove several hours outside of town to Hannibal Lagrange college there in Missouri. Really cool place. It was week 1 of Super Summer in Missouri. Here are a few shots of from that week…the stage and production that week was nothing short of amazing….

Big stages are one of my favorite things….to be sure…

Hannibal was also pretty close to the Mississippi River. So one morning me and Chad drove over to this groovy little coffee place called Java Jive and got something to drink. Their catch line was “Closest Coffee to the Mississippi”. You cant see it from the picture but the river was right across the street…..really cool place….

After being in Hannibal for a week, we spent the weekend roaming the streets of Jefferson City. As you all well know, Jeff City, as it’s lovingly called by locals, is the capital of the state. We drove by the capital building….

We also drove up to Columbus over the weekend to check out where Mizzou is and have some burritos and check out some vintage clothing stores. Pretty cool college town. Here is a picture of the quad there at Mizzou. On a side note, a SERIOUS storm was rolling in as we were walking around campus as can be seen from the clouds in this picture. Trees literally were falling down around us as we ran back to the van. It was like a scene from a movie. I loved it…

From Jeff City we moved on to Boliver Missouri. This was super summer week two so the programming and production was identical to the week in Hannibal. Here are a few pics from that week…

The room and stage were even bigger than Hannibal…

Here is a good shot of the band…a little blurry but we are all there…

We got back from the two week stint in Missouri in one piece. I had a Saturday to recover and wash clothes and then I headed out to IMPACT camp with some really good friends of mine from Providence Baptist Church. The band this week consisted of my man Mike Passaro (who was dubbed Marco Presarrio for the week), Tom Innis, Eric Hamsho, Shelly Moore and Lane Wood. The talent was pretty stacked.

Here is one of the more memorable moments….me and Mike…

After a week at IMPACT, I came on back to Raleigh and led at Visio Dei. It was SO good to be back at my home church and take part in the weekly gathering. I really miss those folks when  I am gone. The next Monday morning, me Mike and Chad got up and drove to Louisburg College to play some music for a few days for the Triangle Kids Camp. Honestly it was an absolute blast. Playing music for the kiddos was really fun…I have zero pictures from that week. Unbelievable….

We finished that camp up on Thursday morning and hopped on a plane Thursday night headed for St. Louis. We went there to play a summer project called Global Encounters. Really cool and a lot of the same crew who was with us the last time we were in Missouri was there. A little consistency is always good..

We checked out the Art Museum one day. It was AWESOME. the place was huge and had stuff from all over the world from all different eras. Very cool. This is a view from the outside of the museum with a fair amount of the grounds and lake that sits in front of it.

Of course we went up in the arch one night. Here is a view from the top.

The last Friday night we were there went hit a Cards game. I was SOOOO stoked about this. Major league ball parks are totally awesome. And the new Busch Stadium is no exception. The view of downtown from the upper deck was nothing short of fantastic….make sure to click on this picture since it is too wide to load correctly here on this page…

Other highlights from this trip to St. Louis include having lunch at Pappy’s. AMAZING BBQ and ribs and such. We went and trolled around The Loop. Pretty cool. Bought a Fleetwood Mac on vinyl there so that is always a good thing. We were in St. Louis for 10 days this time. The Church where the event was held put us up in some pretty sweet accommodations right on campus so the whole trip was awesome. We had a great kitchen. Great gym. A Great golf cart to ride around in… was good…

I have to add one more thing that made everything we did in St. Louis amazing. Chris Rhodes is beyond any shadow of a doubt in Thomas the best sound man that I have ever worked with. I cant get a picture of him to upload but check out this link the see him in action. Mike and Tyler are looking on in wonder. There is no way to describe everything he did to make our jobs of playing music as easy as it has ever been. Thanks my man.

After the week in St. Louis I spent a week in Gainesville Florida. Good times. We got into Jacksonville one day to hang out and we went in Gainesville a few times. One of the highlights was getting pizza at the world famous Satchel’s Pizza. Jess has been ranting and raving about this place as long as I have known her. That’s no exaggeration. It lived up to the hype. I had a salad and pepperoni and green peppers…

That just about sums it up. I know I have left out LOADS of details but I figured no one would want to read that much anyway. Plus I posted like 132 pictures so that should just about handle it. I love traveling. I went to some really cool places this summer and met some really cool people.

In other news, Tucker is getting old. Look at all that gray hair. I love this dog.

Jess is learning to play the guitar…………..and I have a SWEET Danelectro U2……and Jess has some SWEET bell-bottoms…

I read lots of books this summer. Will try to give you guys an update on that too.

Thanks for checking in. Now that I am back in Raleigh I should be updating a little bit more regularly. Check back soon!!


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