…no not thunder storms. Blackberry Storms. Plural.

About two years ago I got my first BB Storm. I loved it. I got copious amounts of grief from all of my i-phone owning cohorts, but I remained undeterred in my devotion to Verizon and my Storm. Some months went by. As most electronic things do, my Storm began to slow down. It began to lock up. I ended up pulling the battery out of it. First once every few days. Then once per day. Then 42-53 times per day. It got really old.

So I went to the Verizon store and told them what was up. With no questions asked they just handed me a new one! I was thrilled to say the least. My excitement was short lived however when only several months later Storm number 2 was totally dead. I went back the store to see what was up.

Again, with no questions asked they just handed me another one.

This process has happened almost constantly over the last two years. I am currently on Storm number 5. And they just keep taking the old broken ones and handing me new ones. No change. So its hard to complain. Except for the fact that my phone constantly locks up and doesn’t work. But whatever….

Now I have no idea why this is. Is the Storm inferior to the i-phone? Clearly.

Should it lock up as much as it does. I doubt it.

Is it just MINE that lock up all the time? Maybe. I have been accused by friends of mine of being a little rough on things that I own. So maybe I just beat my Storms up.

Who knows. But as long as they keep handing me brand new Storms totally free of charge I will probably keep taking them.


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