Arcade Fire

Honestly this is one of my favorite bands of the last decade.

Absolutely everything they have done is incredible.

Their new record The Suburbs is such an amazing piece of art. There are no words. My guess is they take lots of pride in thinking of an record as more of a conceptual thing and making sure that each “movement” on the record fits into the idea somewhere. Seems simple enough to do but you try it. Let me know how far you get. Anyway, everyone should check out “The Suburbs”. It’s pretty fantastic.

And their last record Neon Bible literally changed my mind about playing Americana music. Keep the Car Running is the one of the best driving songs out there.


One thought on “Arcade Fire

  1. I picked up The Suburbs the day it came out. It was my first Arcade Fire discovery. It took about 2 times for the entire record to comletley grow on me. One of my favorite records in the last few years. Havne’t checked out much of their other stuff, but I hope to now get Neon Bible sometime. Take care man!

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