Homegroup Discussions

So in my homegroup (the Case of the Mondays), we have been doing some serious digging into the Bible. A Few months ago we finished up a study on the life of David. STELLAR. David is one my (and most people’s) favorite people in the Bible.

After that we did a 4 week study on prayer. Also stellar. It was very very encouraging to have some honest discussions with everyone on their thoughts on prayer. Their strengths and their struggles. And to learn what the Bible says about prayer.

Now we are in a series on Abraham. Also one of my favorite persons in the Bible. Studying Old Testament characters is great for lots of reasons but three great ones are 1) you get so much history and education into the story of the Bible, 2) you get awesome insight into who God is and what his character is like and 3) there is so much to be learned about who we are and how we should respond to God.

I think my homegroup is getting loads of those things right now. We have had some amazing discussions on what it means to follow God in Faith. How God is faithful even when we are not. How God’s promises are true and how God’s plans cannot be thwarted. Recently it seems like everyone is so willing/wanting/waiting to share.

Anyway, it’s been great recently and I just thought I would share.

For the folks in my homegroup, thanks for all of the participation. Thanks for coming being ready to talk and ready to share. Your insights are invaluable. I hope and pray that we would continue to be diligent in our study of the Word. Love you guys.


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