Visio Dei Worship

Some of you guys know this already but I am really involved with a church in Raleigh called Visio Dei. I was part of the planting of the church about 4 years ago and have been around ever since.

I am super involved in leading worship there. We are a relatively small church and we have an absolutely obscene amount of talented musicians on just about any instrument you can think of. God is definitely faithful in providing people to serve in that area. Some of my best friends on the planet have come from being a part of this church and of this music team. It has been great to grow to together as a band and mostly as followers of Christ over the last 4 years.

It is in this line of thinking that we are launching Visio Dei Worship. We are going to be talking about all kinds of things over there. Me and the guys on the worship team over there almost constantly are having discussions about all kinds of things from theology, philosophy, music, musical gear, other bands….there is really no end to it.

Anyway. I hope you guys will go there and check it out when the site gets updated. I will do my best to let you guys know about it here on my site.




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