Not Just A Volunteer

Not Just a Volunteer

In my last post I made the statement “Serving on the musical worship team at Visio Dei is a volunteer thing. Our members give of their own personal time to 1) learn the songs, 2) be at rehearsal and 3) be at our church building really early on Sunday mornings. It’s not a small time commitment.”

This really got me thinking. What does it mean to “volunteer” at church?

I have spent most of my life in the “volunteer world”. So, functionally, I know what that’s like. Someone says to you “Oh you play the guitar at your church. Do you work there?” You might answer, “Oh no, I am just a volunteer.” What you really mean by that is you are not on staff at that church. You don’t work there full-time and you don’t get a paycheck. Fair enough…

I was reading some words this week from another pastor at a church in another town. He was saying how he would give anything to be able to ban the phrase “full time ministry” from our vocabulary. To say that some people are called to full time ministry implies that others are called to part time ministry. But the problem with that is we do not serve a part time God.

He is not on his throne only some of the time.
He is not gracious to us only every now and then.
He doesn’t forgive us of our sins every so often.
God is God 100% of the time and, if you are believer, you should be in His service 100% of the time.

At Visio Dei, we talk a lot about our spiritual gifts. We believe that the Holy Spirit has given each of us something to contribute to the church; He has equipped each of us in a specific way to function as a “body part” of the “body” of Christ. He has done that for a purpose: to make his glory known so that people who are far from God would be saved.

My point here is simply this: if you volunteer at Visio Dei (or any church), YOU ARE NOT JUST A VOLUNTEER.

You are an absolutely invaluable part of the body of Christ, and you have an absolutely invaluable part to play in God’s story of redemption. You can do things that no one else can do in the process of bringing about His kingdom. It might feel like you just show up and play songs; or you just show and make coffee and wash coffee cups; or you just show up say hello to people when they walk in.

But you do so much more than that.

Everyone who visits Visio Dei does so because God has brought him or her here. And it’s no accident that you are volunteering that day. God knew you would be greeting when that visitor showed up. God knew you would be playing the drums when that visitor sang the song right after the message. You are playing an important role in God’s story and that’s a HUGE DEAL! God has you right where He wants you.

So remember this: God has given you very specific gifts and talents and abilities that He wants you to use to build up His kingdom.

If you are believer, you are a member of the body of Christ, and when you play your part, amazing things WILL happen.

You have a huge part to play and you are invaluable.

You are not just a volunteer.

– Patrick


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