Sunday 3.13.11

This week at Visio Dei Jason led us through the final lesson in a our series about the 4 G’s – God is Gracious. It was an awesome message. We were confronted with the fact that we can scarcely understand God’s grace towards us unless we truly understand what it is that we deserve. We have so offended God that we deserve nothing but death. Instead we get life and life more abundantly; everything above the grave is grace.

Set list for the week was:
Cannons – Phil Wickham
You Are More Glorious – Visio Dei
All Our Needs – Visio Dei
Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Stanfill Version
Mighty to Save – Hillsong

Band for week was:
Ben Davis – lead guitar and vocals
Scotty Wenger – bass
Julie Watkins – vocals
Patrick Downing – vox and acoustic guitar
Alex Dellapenta – rhythm electric
Brent Francese – drums

Thanks for stopping by the blog and keeping up with what is going on. Hope to see everyone next week.


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