Sunday – 3.20.11

Every now and then we like to do things a little differently from a musical standpoint. We usually have a pretty big rock sound with a couple guitars, drums, bass and keys; but sometimes its good to scale things back a bit. There are lots of reasons for this and I plan getting onto some of them in a later post.

Suffice it to say, this week was one of those weeks. With just two acoustic guitars and a stand up bass, the sound was a good bit different than normal.

The band this week was:
Jake Taylor – vocals and acoustic guitar
Jason Gore – vocals and acoustic guitar
Rebecca Schlieman – vocals
John Bass – stand up bass

Setlist for the week was:
Everlasting God
Jesus Messiah
You Alone
Thank You For Hearing Me
Glory to God Forever

I was out of town this week and I just listened to the recordings from the weekend. The team did an absolutely AWESOME job. Thank you Lord for providing such a large group of talented musicians at our church.


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