Sunday – 3.6.11

This past Sunday Jeff covered the third topic in our series on the 4 G’s – God is Glorious.

It was really powerful. We asked the question, “what do we fear more than God”. When we start fearing what God thinks of us more than what people think, then we will live truly satisfying lives of obedience to God.

Setlist for the week was:

At the Cross – Daniel Renstrom
Jesus Lord of Heaven – Phil Wickham
You Are More Glorious – Visio Dei
Our God – Chris Tomlin
Glory to God Forever – Steve Fee

I should go ahead and point this out. You Are More Glorious is a song that we wrote specifically for this week at Visio Dei. I am super excited about this and hope to be doing it a LOT more in the future. Songs don’t have to be perfect but to the extent that we, as a church community, can 1) write songs that are appropriate for where we are as a community and 2) be creative, I REALLY want to do it. I feel that we are CALLED to do it.

Thanks so everyone who joined us at Visio Dei this past Sunday. I hope to see you next week.


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