Sunday – 4.10.11

This week at Visio Dei we took a look at what must have been a shocking moment to everyone involved.

Jesus was in his final week here on earth. He had come to Jerusalem as a king. Many knew he was the Messiah. Everyone expecting big things from Him. They must have been completely shocked by what Jesus did next: He knelt down and began to wash their feet. Complete humility.

It’s a strange scene because the disciples had been doing the complete opposite of being humble. They had been busy bickering over who would be the greatest. James and John wanted to sit at Jesus’ right and left when they began to rule. They even sent their mom to ask Jesus if they could. The other 10 guys were ticked about it.

I can picture Jesus just thinking to himself, “You guys really don’t get it”. So Jesus did something that appears to be totally our of the blue.

It’s an act of total humility. “No servant is greater than his master”. While the disciples are arguing about which seat of honor they are going to get, Jesus is completely humiliating himself.

And then he tells them they should do the same thing.

Jeff really challenged us this week. Whose feet do we need to wash? What power struggles do we need to let go of? What games do we need to stop playing? How can we take affirmative actions in serving one another?

The world will always struggle for power. And we will probably struggle to NOT be a part of that. But the church is supposed to be different. “…not so with you”.

Our prayer is that we would be truly humble. And we would serve each other. Jesus has set the example. May we do as He did.

The music this week was (in my completely unbiased opinion 🙂 absolutely fantastic. The band was:
Jake Taylor – vocals and acoustic guitar
John Bass – bass
Brent Francese – drums + cowbell
Patrick Downing – electric guitar
Alinna Mehaffie – vox + harmonies

Set list was:
Holding Nothing Back – Tim Hughes
Hosanna – Paul Baloche
Come Ye Sinners – Visio arrangement
Beautiful the Blood – Steve Fee
Our God – Chris Tomlin


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