Sunday – 4.17.11

The scene that takes place in the Garden of Gethsemene is just incredible. We see Jesus, the son of God, asking God the Father for a way out. Why? Because Jesus knows the plan.
He knows that he supposed to go to Jerusalem. He knows his friends will abandon him. He knows he will be beaten. He knows he will be mocked. He knows he will suffer. He knows he will be hung on a cross. And he knows he will die.

I think one of the interesting things is that, in some way, Jesus doesn’t seem wild about the plan.

He asks God if there is another way. He is stressed about it. He sweats blood about it. It’s incredibly hard on him.

But in the midst of it, something else comes through. Another emotion wins. He trusts God. He ultimately says to God, “Not my will but yours be done”. That’s huge. He is honest with God. He tells him that he is not wild about the plan. That its hard. But in the end, he knows that God is better. That God’s plan is perfect. And that God is good. And he trusts.

That’s pretty challenging for us as believers. I am sure there are things going on everyone’s life right now that don’t make sense. We are called to play a part in God’s story of redemption and in some way that will involve doing as Christ did and suffering. The challenge is to continue to do as Christ did and remember that God has a plan. He is in charge. He is sovereign. And he is good.

My prayer is that every day we would take up our crosses. We would consider suffering pure joy. And in the midst of it we would trust the Lord and say, “Not my will, but your’s be done”.

Band for the week was:
Jason Gore – acoustic + vox
Ben Davis – electric + vox
Aaron Chappell – electric + vox
Katie Pritchett – vox
Brent Francese – drums
John Enzor – Bass
Marty Linn – keys

Set List was:
Salvation is Here – Lincoln Brewster version
We Crown You – Steve Fee
To Know Your Name – Hillsong
Lead Me to the Cross – Brook Fraser
Give Me Faith – Elevation
Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher


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