Sunday – 6.5.11

This past weekend at Visio Dei we continued our series in the book of Philippians.

Glenn Meeks spoke from the second chapter of the book and really challenged us with one specific thing: whose agenda are we seeking?

We are all people. We have our own thoughts; own opinions; own preferences. That’s probably never going to change. The challenge is to not let those things become things that divide us. As Paul says, we should be humble and consider others more important than ourselves.

I will confess that this can be tough as a worship leader. I don’t always do the best job. There are songs that I like and songs that I don’t like. There are elements of a worship service that I like and others that I don’t. Sometimes I think I know what is best for all of us. But, when I’m thinking right and walking in the spirit, I know that’s not true and others might be served better by things that I don’t prefer.

My prayer for the musical worship team and for Visio Dei at large is that we would all consider others more important than ourselves. Would we seek the Lord’s agenda and not our own.


Setlist for the week was:
Our God – Tomlin
Song of Hope – Seay
Lord Almighty – Stanfill
How He Loves – McMillian
Hosanna in the Highest – Fraser
Here I Am to Worship – Tomlin (thats right…old school)

Band for the week was:
Jason Gore – worship leader
Julie Watkins – vox
John Enzor – bass
Brent Francese – drums
Aaron Chappell – electric guitar
Patrick Downing – electric guitar


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