Willingness to Serve

So I wanted to take a second to point out something….

Serving on the musical worship team at Visio Dei is a volunteer thing. Our members give of their own personal time to 1) learn the songs 2) be at rehearsal and 3) be at our church building really early on Sunday mornings. It’s not a small time commitment.

We have multiple bands at Visio Dei, and each band has it’s own members. God has blessed us with enough musicians that there is little to no overlap between the bands (i.e. we have 5 bands but only two bass players so the bass players have to pull double duty).

That’s not to say that people get tired of playing. I think most of the band members wish they could play even more than they do and would play more given the opportunity. It’s a great problem for me to have…. ☺

This is all true for every instrument but the drums.

We have 4 bands at Visio Dei and we have lost some drummers recently. Needless to say, it’s put a strain on the two drummers that we have left. I approached the remaining drummers and asked if they could pick up some of the slack. Of course, they jumped all over it. I even asked one of our players who mainly plays guitar if he could pick up some extra dates to fill in on the drums; he was more than willing.

All this to say, I am blown away by people’s willingness to serve; to take their own personal time and give it to our church community. I think its fantastic.

One thing I would add is that I am not taking away from anyone else’s commitment. Everyone who serves is amazingly appreciated.

I just wanted to take a second and celebrate our team’s response to a challenge that has come up. I asked a few guys to step up and help and they could not have been more responsive.

I thank God for the talent He has blessed us with at Visio Dei. I am also thankful that we are so willing to serve and to sacrifice to do what is best for our community.

Thanks guys ☺


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