Sunday Morning – 6.19.11

Here is the thing, the gospel gives us way to much hope to spend time grumbling and complaining about things.

This past Sunday we continued our study in the book of Philippians. Jeff spoke from the Philippians 2:14-18. He talked about the fact that, as believers, we have to keep a delicate balance between complaining and grumbling and just acting like there is nothing wrong.

Because the truth is, there are things in this life that are tough. There are things that are just wrong. There are things that are annoying.
How we respond to those things makes a world of difference.
As believers in the gospel, we have no reason to complain and grumble about those things. God is good. God is great.  And the gospel gives us too much hope to sit around grumbling and complaining.
From a musical standpoint, there are Sunday’s where I am feel like I have an awesome grasp of the music. I know how the songs are supposed to go. I know what each person on stage is supposed to be playing. I know what I want the songs to sound like. I know what I want to songs to feel like.
This Sunday was not one of those Sundays.
This week we had a piano, a cello, an acoustic guitar and a big stand up bass. Now I am pretty much a rock musician so this set up was a big challenging for me.
But here is the good thing, the cats that I was playing with are so talented that I don’t have any problems leaning on them for what sounds good. I feel like part of being a good leader is recognizing when something is not one of your strengths. In that situation its important to talk to people who ARE strong in that area. And thats what I was forced to do this past Sunday.
Im just thankful that we have such talented folks at Visio Dei. The guys let me know what the songs should sound like. They let me know what was working and what wasn’t. They worked out parts. They helped with transitions. And even covered amazingly well when I made a last second set-list change. Pretty awesome.
We looked a little something like this….
Set List for the Week Was:
The Solid Rock
In Christ Alone
To Know Your Name
How He Loves
You Alone Can Rescue/How Great Thou Art
Band for the Week Was:
John Bass – bass
Marty Linn – keys
Kendal Quinn – cello
Patrick Downing – acoustic guitar + vox

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