Sunday – 7.10.11

This week at Visio Dei, Jeff continued our series in Philippians. We looked at a the chunk of scripture where Paul tells the church at Philippi to “press on towards the goal of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ”.

I’ll say this, if you are a regular attender of Visio Dei and you missed this past week, you REALLY should go listen to the podcast. It will (in Jeff’s own words) kick you in the teeth.

The challenge is simply this: be urgent about the things of God. The convicting part of this is that we are so often urgent about everything BUT the things of God. We are urgent about work; about fun; about our kids; about our sports teams; about our fitness. These things take huge priority in our lives. And they often do so to the exclusion of God. Paul has some pretty harsh words for this kind of thing. He says that when we are urgent about things other than the things of God we are actually walking as enemies of the cross. Wow.

My prayer is that we would be convicted by this; that the Holy Spirit would continue his work in sanctifying us and making us more like Jesus; that we would stop being urgent about things that are not important, and that we would begin to be urgent about the things of God.


From a musical standpoint, I was amazingly proud of our team. I don’t like to toot our own whistles (as they say) often, but I’ll just say this: God really has blessed us with some talented folks.

Band for the week was:

Jon Hathaway – acoustic guitar + vox

Kendal Quinn – cello

Amaree Davis – violin

Zack Van Hoy – drums

Glenn Meeks – bass

Patrick Downing – acoustic guitar + vox


Setlist for the week was:

Lord Almighty – Kristian Stanfill

The Wonderful Cross – Visio Dei arrangement

Jesus Messiah – Tomlin

Center – Charlie Hall

Spring of Life – Kristian Stanfill



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