Sunday – 7.17.11

Scott Wenger spoke this Sunday at Visio Dei. The main point of the message: the peace of God.

Peace has all kinds of social meanings. People think of world peace, the peace corps, lack of anger, lack or war, lack of aggression. Some people think of volkswagons and hippies….all good thoughts. None of them are really the point here.

When looking at the book of Philippians, we find two women who appear to have a problem with each other. It’s possible that one of those women was completely wrong and the other was completely right and had the absolute right to be angry with the other woman. I think its more likely that both of them had a good case. They both probably had a good reason to be angry with the other. And I think this is probably the case with most of the disagreements that we have today. In my life, when I have a disagreement with someone, odds are that both of us have a good reason to be irked by something.

In Philippians, we get some insight into how Paul says to deal with these things. He says that we should be of the same mind “in the Lord”. It’s not that people don’t have legitimate reasons to argue and discuss things. Certain things need to be worked out. Certain things probably need to be argued about. But we have to remember something, Jesus is more important. Our needs and wants and desires HAVE to be subservient to those of Jesus. Paul says that we should think about things that are holy and worthy and worth thinking about. As Scott said this weekend, I can garuantee you that if I am thinking about those things, I am not thinking about myself 🙂


Band for the week was:

John Enzor – bass

Zack Van Hoy – drums

Rebecca Schlieman – vox

Patrick Downing – acoustic guitar + vox

Jon Pritchett – electric guitar

Alex Dellapenta – electric guitar


Setlist for the week was:

Lord Almighty – Stanfill

Everlasting God – Brown

Sweetly Broken – Riddle

At this Table – Visio Dei

Christ is Risen – Maher


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