Sunday – 7.24.11

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” – Phil. 4:13

It’s a verse almost everybody, Christian or not, knows.

We take it to mean that when things get hard (and they do get hard), we can always get through it because God makes us strong. That’s a good point. And that is true.

But that is really not the setting in which the apostle Paul penned those words. He was actually talking to the Philippians mostly about contentment. He has a financial history with them which serves as the background for the letter. And apparently the Philippians in the the past have been very generous in the past.

Paul begins to tell them that he never asks for their support out of his own personal need. Paul has been rich and Paul has been poor. But he says that he has learned an important secret in both of those situations. He has learned the secret of contentment. I think the basic gist of it is not so much what we have or what we don’t have or how much we have or how much we don’t have that makes us content. What makes us ill-content is the place we give those things in our hearts.

I think the point is this: we will only be content with Christ on the throne in our hearts. That’s it. That’s Paul’s secret. And he says that he “can do all things” through Christ who gives him strength. Pretty awesome


Band for the week was:

Jason Gore – acoustic guitar + vox

Rebecca Schlieman – vox

Ben Davis – electric guitar

Brent Francese – drums

John Enzor – bass

Aaron Chappell – electric guitar


Set List for the week was:

Holding Nothing Back – Hughes

We Crown You – Fee

Hosanna in the Highest – Hillsong

To Know Your Name – Hillsong

Give Me Faith – Elevation


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