I love weather.


I always have. The front door to the house I grew up in had a clear storm door in front of the wood front door. I can remember being a kid (like….5 maybe) and sitting at the front door watching thunder storms roll through. I can remember around 1989 when Hugo came through Charlotte. It was a heck of a storm. We lost power for a few days. One of the big trees in the back yard took off a small corner of the house when it fell. I thought the hurricane was the coolest thing ever. We moved all the cars into the culdesac that we lived on and got ready. I remember going outside when the eye was over our house. It got really calm and we hung out outside for a few minutes. Then mom said it was time to come in and the rest of the storm came through like a freight train. It still happens that sitting outside in a storm is one my favorite things to do. When the clouds start getting dark my instinct is to find the biggest, most wide open space I can find and go sit in it.


We do get some pretty good storms in Raleigh….


When the tornado came through a couple months ago, I have to admit, I was pretty excited. Now at the time obviously I had no idea that we were actually going to get hit with a tornado. How often are there tornado warnings and how often we actually get hit (often, and not often, respectively :). But I was LOVING it. I had all the windows in the house open. Had the back door open. And was going to go stand in the cul-de-sac until Jessica finally put her foot down and said no.

I started to get a LITTLE freaked out when the sky turned that orange color. That always means the storm is preeeetty serious. I was texting back and forth with my friend (and fellow weather nerd) Greg. The power was out so I didn’t have internet. He was telling me about the pretty serious hook echo that was pretty much sitting on top of my house. Needless to say I was thrilled. (I still didnt think we would actually have a tornado because…we never actually do!)

So this post is long and rambling. the point is this: I am a total weather nerd. And I am OK with it. And you should be too 🙂


PS. if you want a good summary of our tornado experience, check out Jessica’s blog on the subject.



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