Help my Unbelief

In the book of Mark, a man asks Jesus for some help.

He has a son that is possessed by a demon and he needs Jesus to cast the demon out. Consequently, the father says to Jesus,”IF you can do anything”, then help us.

Jesus quickly corrects the man’s statement by calling on him to put all of his belief in God. And he tells him that all things are possible to those who believe.

Then the father says something that I think is absolutely amazing.

He says, “I do believe. Help my unbelief.”


He is saying that he has SOME belief, but he also knows that he is weak. And he is asking Jesus to create in him a spirit of belief that will grow and be stronger.

I love this man’s statement because I can relate to it. He is just so brutally honest. He does believe, but not like he knows he should. And not even like he WANTS to. He wants to believe more. And he is humble enough to ask for help in that.


I hope that I am humble enough to ask for help in areas where I don’t believe like I should. God know’s anyway. My prayer is that I would recognize my unbelief and that I would be humble enough to ask for help for it.


2 thoughts on “Help my Unbelief

  1. Pat, great post. Been thinking about this passage recently too, and how I often find myself praying this same prayer. Miss you bud!

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