So most of you know that I play a bit of music.

Part of that “playing music” is writing.

I love writing music. I like the challenge. I like the creativity. I like the expressiveness. I like the utility of sending a message to people. I like the way it makes me feel.

All that said, I’m not the best writer. Writing is not easy.

I usually think of music more in terms of melody and rhythm than I do in terms of lyrics. So it can be hard for me to put together a song that has a good strong message behind it. (Fortunately a good strong message is not always needed in today’s music).


So I am in the process of writing a ton. I am writing songs for church. Songs that we can sing together and learn through. And express ourselves through. We have done some of them already at Visio Dei and that makes me very happy.

I am also writing songs for another project. I don’t really know what this project is about yet. But me and a friend are working on some songs that…well…suffice it to say will not sound like much of anything that I have ever done before….and that makes me very happy too.


Just wanted everyone to know.



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