Sunday Morning Gathering. – 8.14.11

This week was week 2 of a series that we do every year called “Where Is God When Life Happens”.

The idea is this: we in the church tend to gloss over things. Or better said, it’s easy for us in the church to gloss over things. We like to talk about confessing sin and talking through hard times with each other, but the truth is, sometimes it’s just easy to go about our business as if everything is OK. This series kind of nips that in the bud.

We all have things that most people wouldn’t believe about us. Most of us have things that would flat out shock people. This series is designed to 1) make people aware of that 2) encourage us to be open and honest with each other and 3) do some serious teaching about God in the midst of some really hard things.

Each week, Jeff interviews someone who is a regular Visio Dei. And we talk through his or her situation. As we look at things in retrospect it can sometimes be easy to see how God was moving in that persons life. Other times it is not so easy to see. But the hope is that the spirit moves in each of us as we get to know each other and get to know God in each others lives.

We have dealt with all kinds of things in the past. Alcoholism. Rape. Pornography. Drugs. Murder. Lying, Cheating. Stealing. All kinds of abuse…. It can get pretty emotional and intense. You have no idea what the person sitting next to you every Sunday has bee through and might be currently going through.

It’s an extremely valuable series for us as a community at Visio Dei. Hopefully you guys can make it out next week. I hope to see you there 🙂


Setlist for the Week Was:

At the Cross – Renstrom

Here is Our King- Crowder

I Surrender – Visio arrg.

Christ is Risen Mahar

How He Loves/ Jesus Loves Me – McMillan

Band for the Week Was: 

Jon Hathaway – acoustic guitar + vox

John Enzor – bass

Kendal Quinn – cello

Patrick Downing – perc + guitar + vox


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