The Word is Not Hidden

So I was reading 2 Kings the other day. It’s great stuff.

The story goes like this…..

Josiah, who was a great king, was in the 18th year of his reign. He was having some repairs done to the temple of God. While that is going on, Hilkiah, the high priest, comes out and says;

          “Hilkiah the high priest said to Shaphan the secretary, “I have found the Book of the Law in the temple of the LORD.” 

Read that again. Seriously. Read it again. It’s amazing.


I think that’s just incredible.

1) The book of the law was lost. This was God’s word to them. It was everything that their faith was based on. And for the hight priest to FIND it must mean that it was lost. How the heck does that happen?

2) When they found it, it was in the temple. Which means that it was lost….in the temple.

Which begs the question…..

How do the people of God, lose the word of God, in the dwelling place of God?

Which begs another question……

Do we tend to do the same thing???


God’s word is not hidden. It is not hard for us to find.

We have the Bible. We have what he wants us to know.

On top of that, God says that He will write his word on our hearts.

Jeremiah 23:23 says that God is not a God who is far off. He is close by.

I pray that we don’t lose the word of God in our hearts.

That we will treat His word with the respect that it deserves. That we will read it and study it and learn from it and be changed by it.




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